Who Makes Up EWG?

EWG Chairs

Natasha Rountree

Program Committee Chair

Natasha Rountree has 27 years of federal government and private sector experience, serving in leadership and technical acquisition positions.  As the Chief of the Business Relations Branch at the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Ms. Rountree is responsible for leading acquisition programs that improve the quality of investment and acquisition planning for items and services required to assist survivors impacted by disasters.  In this leadership role, Ms. Rountree has oversight for establishing relationships with federal, state, local, and non-governmental partners across the country, to guide businesses through the federal procurement process when assistance from the federal government is required.  Ms. Rountree is from Dayton, Ohio.




Renee Stevens has served the country for almost 25 years as a scientist for the federal government. During that time Renee has managed staff capabilities by expanding the applicability of projects to the agency’s goals and operations. Through increased interagency collaborations and management of scientific technologies, Renee has aligned law enforcement and related components resulting in measurable increased trade & forensic analytical services. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Renee spends her leisure time with her friends and family enjoying baking, gardening, and volunteer work.

Marilyn Quagliotti

Status of Women Chair

MG Marilyn Quagliotti, USA Retired is the Vice President for Development at the Women In Military Service For America Memorial Foundation. Before accepting this position, Marilyn served in the Office of National Drug Control Policy at the White House as Deputy Director Supply Reduction and the United States Interdiction Coordinator.  Prior to that she served 32 years in the U.S. Army, where she was a trailblazer for women in leadership positions having served all over the world commanding 5 times at every level of Command to include the Theater level.  Significantly, she was the first women to command a Battalion in a Combat Division; And, the first women to be promoted to General Officer in the US Army Signal Corps.  Her assignments also included joint assignments; first with the Joint Staff at the Pentagon and then as Vice Director of a major Defense Agency with a global mission and large fiduciary responsibilities. When she was much younger, she has even been known to have jumped out of a perfectly good airplane.

Jackie Escobar

Communications Chair

2002 West Point graduate, 2010 Columbia SIPA MPA. Served on 3 combat deployments and 1 rotation to Korea. Currently serves as assistant executive officer to the Army Inspector General in Washington, DC. Selected for battalion command at Ft. Stewart.


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