EWG members represent all branches of the federal government, including current employees, those retired from the federal service, current and former political appointees, current and former members of the armed forces of the United States, and former federal employees who are now in the non-profit and corporate sectors.

As an EWG member, you can advantage of these exciting benefits:

You’ll participate in our active schedule of events – a wide variety of opportunities to learn, network, and enjoy, highlighted by our annual professional conference;

There will be opportunities to mentor or be mentored by others and to give back to the profession through developing educational/networking events;

You’ll have access to our Career Resources compendium.

You’ll receive EWG news and event reporting on the EWG website;

Member discounts on meeting registration and convenient online meeting registration, contact information updates, and membership renewal

Serve on a committee, run for office, offer a testimonial, support the mentoring program, invite a friend.  Elected positions: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer. Committees: Bylaws, Communications, Membership, Nominating, Program, Status of Women.


  • • Founding members.

Women in the following categories:

  • • Presidential appointees with Senate confirmations, including members of the Federal judiciary;
  • • Holders of elective Federal office;
  • • Senior Executives, GS-15, or their equivalents and above in the Executive, Legislative, or Judicial branches of the Federal Government; regulatory agencies; and the Foreign Service;
  • • Officers and senior enlisted members of the armed forces of the UnitedStates.

Membership is authorized for women who departed honorably and who were not members of EWG prior to or at the time of their departure at the level of GS-15 or the equivalent and above in the Executive, Legislative, or Judicial branches of the Federal Government; regulatory agencies; foreign service; and armed forces of the United States.

Honorary membership may be granted to individuals by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

1-Year-Membership: $65
2-Year-Membership: $100
$30 savings
5-Year-Membership: $250
$75 savings
Lifetime-Membership: $1000
Receive special recognition at EWG events