EWG Mentoring Program Brochure (pdf)
Mentoring Program Application Announcement (pdf)

The Executive Women in Government (EWG) Mentoring Program is carefully designed to prepare,
promote, and mentor women for senior leadership positions in the Federal Government.
It is the perfect opportunity to help women build powerful networks, enhance professional relationships
and contribute to effective succession planning by creating a mentoring culture across government.

Program Goals

In collaboration with the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), the EWG Mentoring Program is designed to increase the
numbers of women ready and willing to assume higher level positions. This will be accomplished by:

• Sponsoring one mentoring program per year.
• Bringing together Senior Executive Women Leaders with those who desire mentorship to reach the next level.
• Creating and fostering a mentoring culture to attract, build and retain a new generation of women leaders.
• Maintaining contact with participants in previous cohorts to understand past successes and future improvements to the program.

Time Commitment

The EWG Mentoring Program provides your partnership with enough structure to help sustain and maintain momentum;
yet it is flexible enough to give you the freedom you need to individualize the program to suit your needs and

• 5-month program supported by online and live training opportunities.
• 5-10 hour monthly commitment devoted to mentoring meetings and activities.
• Each mentoring partnership will agree on the frequency and duration of their meetings.

Training & Guidance

Participants will have plenty of flexibility on how they acquire the necessary skills to identify, launch and maintain their
mentoring partnerships. The program will offer traditional live training sessions as well as webinars and on-demand
A dedicated Program Coordinator and Program Support Team are available throughout the length of your partnership to
answer questions and provide the necessary guidance needed to achieve your mentoring goals.

Participants will have access to:

• Formal training and guidance throughout the process.
• Resources and guidelines to help each partnership sustain their momentum.
• Ideas for developmental activities and networking opportunities.

Choose a Partner

The matching process offers mentee an opportunity to work with a mentor who can best support their developmental

• Mentees will review and select from mentor profiles, which will be posted on The Mentoring Connection.
• Mentors and metees have a voice in the matching process!

The Process

Getting signed up is as easy as 1-2-3:
1. Copy and paste the following link into your web browser to sign up:

2. Complete a short questionnaire expressing why you are interested in being a mentee or mentor. The last question will ask for a biographical sketch/profile.

3. Click I’m Done to learn about next steps.

If you have trouble accessing the website from the link above:
Go to www.mentoringconnection.com
Click on the Not A Member Yet? button and enter the Group ID: EWG

Selection Criteria

Program selections will be based on some of the following criteria:

• Open to mentees located in the Washington DC Metro area.
• Grade levels GS-14 or GS-15 level (GS 15’s seeking mentorship must also join the EWG as members).
• Mentees must be sponsored by EWG member or previous mentoring program participant.
• Completeness of application.
• Career goals and specific mentoring outcomes.
• Diversity of the group.

The application process facilitates matching you with a partner who best meets your mentoring objectives. Therefore, the more comprehensive your application, the more your chances improve for identifying the best possible match!

Total Investment (Mentees only):

The cost is $750.00 per person for Leadership Training.

To secure this funding, it is recommended that you work with your Training Officer to complete a SF-182 for Leadership Training to obtain these funds. For those mentees who are unable to secure funding through their agency or personally, scholarships may be available upon request.

The SF-182 will need to reflect the training vendor for this program:

The Training Connection, Inc. (TTC)
4004 Genesee Place
Suite 109
Prince William, VA 22192
Attn: Yvonne Matthews
[email protected]
703.680.3780 x104


I like how all the women are very driven to succeed in their careers but are there to help you succeed with them. It’s really been challenging in the 18 years of working in the government to find women who want to help you be great…This is a very refreshing and well needed experience. Mentee Program 4 2017/2018

This program gave me the opportunity to engage with experienced, accomplished senior women for guidance. Mentor Program 5 2018-2019

The program presents such a positive environment to network and openly share experiences and tips, it’s incredibly motivating. Mentee Program 4 2017/2018

I leveraged my mentor’s coaching advice for the fourth and final job interview; I ended up getting the job. Mentee Program 2 2015/2016

I’ve gained knowledge of what it takes to become an SES and an enhanced an understanding of key interview concepts and skills. Mentee Program 4 2017/2018