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It has been an amazing 6 months since I was sworn in as the President of Executive Women in Government (EWG).  We have a fantastic group of EWG Officers, Board members and volunteers who have dedicated themselves to re-invigorating EWG through an active schedule of meaningful and relevant events – a wide variety of opportunities to learn, network, and enjoy. 

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Prepare, promote, support and mentor women for senior leadership positions in the Federal Government. Build a powerful network to share experiences, to enhance professional relationships, and to increase understanding among women executives in the Federal Government. Motivate women leaders in the federal government to contribute to effective succession planning by creating a mentoring culture within their sphere of influence.

Advocate for the advancement of women in senior leadership positions in the Federal Government, to include taking a public position on issues related to the purposes and goals of the organization; Provide an opportunity to become better acquainted with other professional women in an atmosphere conducive to the constructive exchange of professional ideas; and encourage by collective example and action, interest and participation in public service by other women.

EWG President Paige Atkins

What’s Happening at EWG?

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Executive Women in Government—45th Anniversary Celebration

In honor of the
Forty-fifth anniversary of the founding of
Executive Women in Government (EWG)

EWG President Paige Atkins and the Board
cordially invite you to celebrate this monumental occasion
at the Women for Military Service for America Memorial
on Tuesday, the Fifth of June, Two Thousand and Eighteen

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EWG members represent all branches of the federal government, including current employees, those retired from the federal service, current and former political appointees, and former federal employees who are now in the non-profit and corporate sectors.

EWG means new professional contacts, new friends, and new insights helpful to your professional growth and business. Through EWG, professional women are reaching beyond, learning anew, and finding the ideas and opportunities they need to grow and advance in the new millennium.

What’s Happening at EWG?

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EWG Mentoring Program Mid-Point Evaluation

EWG Mentoring Program Mid-Point Evaluation

The Executive Women in Government (EWG) Mentoring Program has been carefully designed to help women who…

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What is Happening at EWG?

What is Happening at EWG?

Executive Women in Government (EWG) - Membership Meeting Members Only Event - Please respond toEWGmembershipchair@gmail.com if…

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