EWG Mentoring Program

Executive Women in Government (EWG) is extremely proud to partner with The Training Connection in helping women grow both personally and professionally through mentoring!

Now in its ninth year, the EWG Mentoring Program is the perfect opportunity for high-performing GS-13s and above to: 

  • Gain support during career advancement into a senior level position.
  • Develop a powerful network of women role models and senior executives.
  • Develop the leadership skills, knowledge, and abilities needed for success.

The program is limited to 25 high potential candidates. If more than 25 protégés apply, a selection panel will use established criteria to select who is accepted in the program.

If selected, candidates will begin a 6-month (December 2022 – June 2023) leadership training and mentoring program with a comprehensive matching process followed by formal mentoring relationship training in an all-virtual environment.

Selected protégés will be required to complete an SF-182 for Leadership Training and should anticipate an average of five to ten hours per month devoted to the formal mentoring relationship, leadership seminars, leadership panels, and networking events. Cost of the 2023 program is: $1,000.00. For those protégés who are unable to secure funding through their agency or personally, scholarships may be available upon request.

To learn more about the program goals, roles, and selection process, click here:  https://www.mentoringconnection.com/TMC2/Secure/Library/DataFile.aspx?DocumentID=7844

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