Congratulations to the New Administration

Dear members of the Executive Women in Government,

As we embark on a new leadership administration for the Executive Women in Government (EWG), I wanted to express a heartfelt congratulations and sincere best wishes to the new administration and offer genuine appreciation for my opportunity to have served as President. We are and have been experiencing unprecedented rates of change – globally.
It is during times such as these that we need the full engagement of all citizens to ensure full and complete representation in all aspects of our wonderful society. Margaret Mead famously said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Representation truly does matter – when we see others who look like us ascending to unimaginable heights, it inspires us to do the same. And, when those who look like us actually take the time to offer a helping hand, the ripple effects can be awe-inspiring. We are making strides in female representation among the senior executive ranks in government – yet there remains much work to be done.
I am asking each and every member of EWG to make a personal commitment to engage, empower, and connect – this will ensure the organization’s rich legacy continues as a source of encouragement and inspiration for those who need it most.

As the Immediate Past President, I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to get to work with an amazing group of women. I learned something from each of them and truly appreciate the support they offered during a very challenging year. I especially want to acknowledge two women:

Deborah Leben, who is continuing in the role of Vice President. Debbie has been a tireless champion for EWG and one of the hardest working women I’ve ever known. Her passion, dedication, and commitment are unparalleled, and she has continued to keep the organization moving forward. Debbie, thank you for your leadership, support, encouragement, and passion. EWG is better for it!

Marilyn Quagliotti, who served as the Chair of the Status of Women in Government, was a wonderful advisor and counselor who I came to appreciate deeply during my Presidency. She has been a stalwart of mentoring and developing aspiring female leaders and a recognized leader and champion of EWG’s mentoring program.

Renee, Natasha, Cindy, and Jackie – you were phenomenal women to work with, and I appreciate your support so very much. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

EWG members – let’s be all in taking EWG to higher and higher heights so the organization serves as a beacon of light, inspiring future generations of women to rise to senior executive (civilian and military) ranks of government.

Patrina Clark

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