EWG Mentoring Program: EWG SES Mock Interview

Earlier this month, our FY20 EWG Mentoring Protégés (Graduates) were given an opportunity to participate in a SES Mock Panel Interview.

The Protégés were able to practice answering questions that highlighted their leadership capabilities in relation to the Executive Core Qualifications (ECQ’s). They were asked to answer the questions and articulate their perspective using the Context-Challenge-Approach-Results Model. Following the interviews, a panel composed of senior executives provided specific, constructive feedback. The Protégés were also given SES interviewing tips and best practices to help them to further prepare.

The feedback following the session was overwhelmingly positive. Everyone who participated shared that this experience was insightful, invaluable, and very powerful!

We would like to congratulate Anna Calcagno (EWG Protégé/Graduate) for organizing, co- hosting, and participating in this event. We would also like to give a special thank-you to our SES Members/Panelists: Beth McCormick, Maureen Higgins, Elizabeth Cotsworth, Jo-Linda Johnson and last but not least, Federal Career Expert, Nancy Segal.

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