Congratulations to EWG’s newly elected 2021-2022 Officers

Congratulations to EWG’s newly elected 2021-2022 Officers:

· PRESIDENT: Cynthia Whittenburg

· VICE-PRESIDENT: Patricia Cogswell

· SECRETARY: Rhonda Shaffer

· TREASURER: C. Michelle Bryan

The ceremonial inauguration program will be held on June 28, 2021, at the lovely DACOR Bacon House in Washington, DC. Take advantage of this opportunity to gather with an extraordinary group of women for professional and social purposes. EWG is a great place to network, grow, and be around others who share your professional outlook and goals.

Please mark your calendar for this in-person event, meet the new officers, and enjoy outgoing remarks from this year’s EWG Board followed by remarks from incoming President Cynthia Whittenburg about this year’s vision for EWG.

We are excited for the new Officers to begin their term on July 1, 2021. Again, we thank all EWG members who had the opportunity to vote in this election.

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