Membership Meeting and Presentation of EWG Officer Candidates

EWG members and guests had the privilege to hear from Vice-President Anna Calcagno. She shared the fantastic accomplishments of the Board members this year with the leadership of President Katherine Coffman, working diligently through the challenges of the pandemic while continuing to connect women and senior leaders using virtual environments to provide monthly programs.

Following Ms. Calcagno’s remarks, EWG Nominating Committee Chair and Past President Shoshana Grove, along with committee members and Past Presidents the Honorable Nancy Harvey Steorts and Ana B. Hinojosa proudly introduced the 2021-2022 EWG Officer candidates.

Cynthia Whittenburg – President
Patricia Cogswell – Vice-President
Rhonda Shaffer – Secretary
C. Michelle Bryan – Treasurer

The Officer candidates shared their insights on being intentional in supporting and connecting women across government, building a stronger future within EWG following in the footsteps of the founding members, and mentoring future leaders aspiring to senior executive positions.

Past President Ana B. Hinojosa read the numerous accolades of keynote speaker the Honorable Nancy Harvey Steorts. Ms. Steorts enthusiastically outlined the history, mission, and success of EWG and the power of making connections, working hard, and making a difference and a legacy. The Officer candidate presentations and the keynote speech inspired continued conversation regarding how EWG is a golden opportunity to network with peers, create long lasting friendships, bring in leaders from the highest levels of government, and how it can be a catalyst for success in government.

In closing, Vice-President Calcagno encouraged the attendees to visit the EWG website or email for more information about EWG, the benefits of membership and ways to get involved.

For members, voting for Officer candidates will be provided through a survey link in a separate email. Voting will be open until June 17th at 1 pm.

One last request, EWG Past President Ana B. Hinojosa and her team have been nominated as a candidate for the Samuel J. Heyman Service to America Medals award. Voting is still open! You can enter a vote each day (permitting you to vote more than once) until the deadline.

We look forward to seeing you at the end of the month for the Inauguration of the 2021-2022 EWG Officers. Details are forthcoming.

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