EWG Mentoring program starts new cohort

On October 1, 2015 Executive Women in Government rolled out its first full year of a mentoring program designed to help agencies attract, develop, and retain a new generation of women leaders.

Executive Women in Government is proud to announce the launch of its brand new Mentorship Program in partnership with The Training Connection, Inc. Last year, 14 mentors and protégés from a broad sector of government agencies were part of a pilot program to test the proof of concept to help shape the launch of this year’s program. Based on the suggestions and successes of the pilot; this year we are excited to have doubled the program! This year’s cohort starts October 1, 2015 on a 9-month program and includes over 55 EWG mentors and GS 13/14 (or equiv) protégés from across the federal government.

The program will take mentors and protégés on a 9-month journey supported by live and online training, access to behavioral and values assessments to determine leadership potential and fit, and several mentoring activities and events building on the Office of Personnel Management’s Executive Core Qualifications standards for Senior Executive Service.

The EWG Mentoring Program will focus on supporting, improving, and increasing women’s relevance, impact, opportunities, and recognition in the federal government. The program will help aspiring women executives understand what these positions hold for them and how they can answer their own call to service. It allows EWG members the opportunity to share experiences, lessons learned and provide suggestions on workplace challenges and serves to sharpen personal and professional skills while advocating for the advancement of women in senior leadership positions.

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