5 Great Reasons to Attend the Executive Women in Government Leadership Summit

The Executive Women in Government 2022 Leadership Summit is just a few short weeks away! On May 19, 2022 from 7:30 am – 6:00 pm, professional women will be coming from near and far to attend this extraordinary women leadership event. The Summit theme this year is Moving Forward Together, Women Leading Women, From the Great Resignation to Executive Elevation.

The EWG 2022 Leadership Summit offers so much more for this year’s attendees to enjoy. Here are five great reasons to attend the event:

1. Perfect Your Professional Craft
EWG members and nonmembers attending the EWG 2022 Leadership Summit come from a wide array of government agencies and military branches. What is the same across the board is that all women attending this summit can learn how to perfect their craft in their specific industry area. Summit attendees will learn how persistence and your networks can be used to excel in the workplace, whether you work in the federal government, the military, or even in the private sector.

2. Gain Insight Into Unknown Industry Areas
The EWG 2022 Leadership Summit is also an excellent opportunity to gain insight into areas you’re unfamiliar with. Maybe you’ve been trying to learn more about navigating the Hill, managing within volatile, changing chaotic work environments, creating a work-life balance, or managing career transitions but these concepts seem so expansive and unfamiliar that you’ve shied away from doing so. Or, perhaps you’re eager to learn new ways to achieve success in the workplace and want to learn from those who have the experience and know-how to tell you how to do so. At the Leadership Summit, you’ll learn all of this and more, therefore, expanding your knowledge in a variety of areas.

3. Learn More About the EWG Organization
It’s important to note that the Leadership Summit is not a members-only event. Although we will be welcoming our members in with open arms, we invite the community to take part in this day of education, networking, and socializing as well. This special event is a great time to learn more about the organization and meet the individuals who consider EWG to be an integral part of their lives. It’s also a time to truly embrace the impact that this organization has on its members and their professional lives.

4. Enjoy a Day with Individuals In Your Professional Field
Do you ever feel that as an executive woman in government when you discuss your work with friends and family members they don’t really understand the depth of your job? The EWG organization brings together executive women in similar professions who truly understand what others in the group are going through. This organization combines educational features and idea-sharing opportunities with a social aspect. Not only are EWG members professional women who gather to discuss topics relevant to the industry but they’re friends who gather for camaraderie and fun. The Leadership Summit will combine all of this for its attendees to enjoy.

5. Networking and Conversation Round Out the Day
When the speeches and panel discussions have come to a close, the EWG 2022 Leadership Summit doesn’t end there! Be sure to stay for the Networking Evening reception from 5:30-6 p.m. and socialize with other guests. You may find that not only do you leave the Leadership Summit having expanded your knowledge in various areas, but you leave having made business and social connections as well.

Ready to secure your spot at this year’s EWG 2022 Leadership Summit? Don’t wait too long! The word is getting out on this women leadership event and it’s going to be a fabulous day for all that you won’t want to miss.

Purchase your tickets online today and reserve the date of May 19th for the EWG 2022 Leadership Summit at American University School of Public Affairs.

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