EWG’s 2022 Leadership Summit Agenda

We are excited to share the 2022 EWG Summit Agenda. Please see the attached for a list of classes and extensive resources available during the Summit. We hope to see you there and bring a friend or two with you.

Event Synopsis: The Executive Women in Government (EWG) Leadership Summit will feature unique educational, mentoring, and networking opportunities. The Summit will focus on Moving Forward Together, Women Leading Women, From the Great Resignation to Executive Elevation.

The focus of the Summit is professional development, emphasizing small group formats across 3 “tracks”, so that participants can engage with session leads and each other.

Track 1 will feature cross-cutting leadership topics;

Track 2 will feature sessions where attendees can hear from senior executive women in a variety of career areas – Communications, Counterterrorism/Diplomacy, Cyber, Cultural / Historical Preservation, Defense, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Finance, Innovation, Information Technology, Law Enforcement, Privacy, Public Health, and Science; and

Track 3 provides pre-registered participants the opportunity to receive one-on-one advice on their SES Executive Core Qualifications (20-minute sessions).

Summit participants will have the opportunity to select from any track to attend each hour so as to make full use of the extensive resources provided. We ask summit participants to pre-register for their top 2 track 2 choices, and (optional) a track 3, SES ECQ advisory session.

Registration link is here: https://american.swoogo.com/ewg/begin?i=zWI108907QKuvMuu6S8nx05twm6t2rDK

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